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Quick and flexible working capital, because you shouldn't have to wait 60 or 90 days to improve your cashflow.
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Aella Exchange is endorsed by the top three credit bureaus in Nigeria.

How to get access to cash in 24 hours


1. Apply online in 15 minutes

All you need to get started is your company details and banking information. The registration process should take you only about 15 minutes to complete, provided you have all the details on hand.


2. Upload your invoices

Once you're registered, you can start uploading your invoices to auction. We've made this process quick and simple so you do not have to worry.


3. Verification

We are very concerned and committed to giving you quick access to funds and for this to happen, we need to make sure all is right. So sit tight, it won't be long before we confirm your invoice.


4. Get your money in 24 hours

The background work is taken care of, and you're up. You can choose from multiple bids on your invoice and get your cash!

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What would it cost you?

Our fees are transparent so you’ll always know how much you pay upfront. Our fee structure is broken down for you below:

Invoice Amount NGN 4,000,000
Discount factor 20%
Transaction fee (3%) NGN 120,000
Cash Advance to Seller NGN 3,080,000
Remittance (after invoice is paid) NGN 800,000
Buyer’s Cut (3 - 8%)* NGN 120,000 - NGN 320,000
Final Payout to Seller* NGN 480,000 - NGN 680,000
Late fee (1%/week past due) NGN40,000/week

*may vary based on invoice risk assessment

The amount of the invoice:

Receive up to


Minimum Cost


This is an indicative offer only. Terms and Conditions apply.

Kind words from some satisfied businesses
  • "Aella Exchange makes it so easy for us to do the work that matters, because they free up cash that we need to run our daily operations. Definitely recommend!"


    "This is a revolutionary platform that is really contributing to the success of our business. Having access to that cash just gives us peace of mind, and so we're able to operate without worries. We just wonder why they did not do it sooner."

  • "Aella Exchange has simplified the process of accessing funds. Not only can we gain access to scores of potential buyers, they are all in one place."


    "We’ve been looking for a quick & easy solution to our cash flow issues for a long time now, we can comfortably say that Aella Exchange IS that solution."


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